Green whole clover dried at a low temperature

TRÈFLE EN BOTTETRÈFLE EN BOTTEThis alfalfa is dried at low temperature between 40 ° and 50 °.
This drying system preserves all the nutritional value of the product.
This healthy food and feed of exceptional quality will allow you to increase the fertility of your mares, goats, sheep, cows and ensure production of quality milk quantity.

Type TreL Green fodder (whole plant)
Variety Diper clover
Use Feed for Goats, Ewes, Horses and Cattle
Quality Green fodder dried at a low temperature
Edible matter 100% rich in protein without dust
Crude protein 16 % to 22 % approximately
Humidity 8 to 10 % approximately
Nutritional value NDF 425+ rich in vitamins and oligo-elements
Dimension 120 / 250 / 90 cm
Weight µ 600 kgs approximately
Transportation Truck (25 tons approximately)
Delivery Europe
Origine France
Brand Luzerne du Poitou
Price FOB EUR / Metri ton
Minimum quantity 22 ton/tons 1 x 40′ HC container
Port La Rochelle 17
Packaging 650 Kg environ
Delivery time According to availability
Payment terms L/C, CAD
Supply ability 500 tons