Natural source of protein, alfalfa is used as fodder for animals for more than 9000 years.

Fleurs de Luzerne

It is from the year 1950 – 1960 that will develop the principle of dehydration.
This unique drying process will allow the conservation and preservation of the nutritional qualities of the fresh plant. Continuous improvement of dehydration techniques, storage and homogenization will, thanks to the diversification of the proposed quality, open consumption of alfalfa to all animal species.

A beneficial plant to the ground

Alfalfa nitrogen directly draws in air and fixed within the root nodules without risk of leaching of nitrogen. Not only saves nitrogen, but it restores to the next crop (40 to 60 units / ha) it.
Grain well know, alfalfa is one of the best previous crop that knows its deep roots fragmenting the basement for a natural microbial flora with a positive action for the soil structure