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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), also called large clover,
hay or Burgundy, is a herbaceous plant feed of
the family Fabaceae, rich in vitamins and minerals
and used diet.
Abundantly prevalent in temperate regions both
in the wild than cultivated alfalfa is used for
livestock feed because it is a real source of
recombinant proteins and carotene.
Luzerne du Poitou offers alfalfa grade.
Green fodder, rich protein (15-25%), vitamins and
trace elements.

From the first to the fifth cut, good do great!
A full range :

  • Alfalfa bales
  • Fescue and prairie hay
  • Organic alfalfa
  • Dehydrated alfalfa
  • Clover bales

Quality company


Endustrial company founded in 1985, Luzerne Poitou produces, processes and markets a high quality product.
This excellence alfalfa is harvested green and wet to preserve all its nutritional values​​. It is then dried at low temperature to avoid degrading the comparable as well as vitamins and trace elements present in very alfalfa protein.

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Our Products

Camion de Luzerne

With its 6 000 to 8 000 tonnes of alfalfa harvested in the year, the company François Vinée is booming with ambitious expansion plans to better meet customer demand.
This alfalfa is dried at low temperature between 40 ° and 50 °. This drying system preserves all the nutritional values ​​of the product …

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Où nous trouver

Ou trouver Luzerne du Poitou

Poitou produits du sol located in Saint-Jean-de-Sauvant near Poitiers, in the heart of Poitou.
13 route de Mazeil, we are at your disposal for any specific request via our contact form or by phone …

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